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epicure 7 June 2010

Collaborate with one of the biggest champagne names for a miniature chair and your creative vision could pay off in cash and voucher prizes.

eM by the River presents the first Champagne Chair Competition 2010 and participants are invited to submit entries of a miniature chair made with foil, wire and cork from no more than two Moët & Chandon champagne bottles, as part of a recycling effort.

To take part, purchase at least one bottle of Moët & Chandon champagne from eM by the River or Que Pasa and fill up an entry form attainable from the outlets. All designs must come in the form of a chair not exceeding 11cm by 6cm by 6cm in dimension. The chair should consist of a seat, legs, back and with or without arms, to accommodate one or two persons.

In the preliminary rounds, 50 percent of the score comes from online voting via eM by the River’s facebook page, open from 5th July to 14th July. The remaining 50 percent will be graded by a panel of judges on site during the competition.

First prize winners get $700 cash and a $300 eM by the River voucher. Second place and third place awards $500 cash and a $200 voucher, and $300 cash and a $100 voucher respectively. Submission deadline ends on 30 June 2010.

Non-participants can also leg it down to eM by the River and check out the buzz from this competition on 21 July during the preliminary round and on 28 July for the finals.

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