William Grant & Sons unveils the World’s First Distillers Library in Singapore

Nimmi Malhotra


An invite-only private lounge, with rare expressions of The Balvenie, Glenfiddich and the lost gems of Ladyburn distillery.

, William Grant & Sons unveils the World’s First Distillers Library in Singapore

William Grant & Sons unveiled its first-ever, invite-only private lounge, The Distillers Library. Located at their head office on 79 Robinson Road, the library is a space for Singapore and the region’s whisky connoisseurs and collectors to access rarely seen expressions of Glenfiddich, limited bottlings of The Balvenie, including newly released rare gems from William Grant & Sons archival collections.

The family-owned distiller is rich in its history – founded in 1887 in Dufftown, Scotland by William Grant and his nine children and still in the family with the 6th generation in charge now.

Global Luxury Director Will Peacock tells epicure, “The Grant family has long been passionate about sharing their stories and family archives beyond Scotland. They recognise that while Scotland is the central hub of William Grant & Sons, there is immense opportunity in other parts of the world, particularly Asia.”

He adds, “As more consumers enter the world of rare whisky and become connoisseurs and collectors, we chose to launch The Distillers Library in Singapore to offer this growing community access to some of the rare gems from the Grant family archive.”

, William Grant & Sons unveils the World’s First Distillers Library in Singapore

Ladyburn Edition One

One such rarity straight from the archives is a lost gem, the Ladyburn 1966 Edition One. This is a 54-year-old whisky distilled in 1966.

Ladyburn distillery, located within the Girvan grain complex, used to be the most technologically advanced single malt Scotch distilleries of the time and subject of great pride for the family. It was forced to close in 1975, after a mere nine years in operation and the stills went to The Balvenie and Glenfiddich.

A few maturing casks were left behind, with a rare collection released as the Ladyburn 1966 Edition One. Strictly limited to 210 bottles, all hand signed by the legendary photographer, David Bailey. It is a true time capsule.

David Bailey

Ladyburn’s Limited Edition release brings another time capsule of the 1960s to the fore. The artistry of David Bailey and his rarely seen photographs of London, as it was, in the 1960s. Peacock explains the idea behind the collaboration further. “The David Bailey artwork and the Ladyburn whiskies are both moments captured in time and creations of the 1960s. The photos capture London as it was then, and the whisky reflects the production and maturation practices of the time. Similar to how the London of the 1960s no longer exists, Ladyburn was dismantled in 1975.”

, William Grant & Sons unveils the World’s First Distillers Library in Singapore

The Distillers Library

The library is designed for clients, who share a common interest in limited-edition collections, exceptional bottlings, and precious whiskies.

Guests will be hosted by James Ting, head of Direct to Consumer and his highly trained team for a session of what Peacock describes as “untold stories and passionate craft behind the most treasured whiskies from William Grant & Sons.”

Peacock confirms to epicure that there will be more libraries in the future. “This is our first and only Distillers Library in the world. We have plans to commission more of The Distillers Libraries in key cities across Asia, bringing high-end discovery and retail formats in private spaces to more connoisseurs in the region,” he elaborates.

The Ladyburn Edition One is not the only treasure; in fact, there will be more. In the upcoming months, The Distillers Library will also be releasing more exclusive rare bottlings and limited editions.

 A single bottle of the Ladyburn Edition One is priced at approximately $30,000 and the full collection of 10 bottles plus 1 black swan bottle at approximately $350,000 





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