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The cake shop is here to "bake" a million people happy.

Designed and crafted for special occasions, cakes are truly the backbone of any worthy celebration. And if you’re looking for a dessert expert to take bespoke creations to a whole new level, then trust homegrown bakery Bob the Baker Boy to offer you the best customised treats at your next party.

The cake shop is on a mission to bake a million people happy, as seen in all its efforts, including its charming moniker and whimsical treats. Helmed by intrepid, self-taught baker-turned-entrepreneur Mayee Fong, Bob the Baker Boy is dedicated to creating tasty and unique experiences for Singaporeans.

In addition to its physical location along Sembawang Road, the cake store is also fully digital. Customers can either purchase fluffy and delicious cakes directly from the website by choosing from a wide selection of designs, or fully customise the cake of their dreams.

“At Bob the Baker Boy, we take our cakes very seriously. We pay attention to detail by implementing quality checks for every single cake in addition to using cloud technology. From our customer support service to daily operations, our turnaround time is incredibly quick. This allows all our customers to get their answers fast and cakes faster,” Fong shares.

“Utilising only the highest quality ingredients including European butter and 55 percent chocolate couverture, Bob the Baker Boy is able to produce cakes which are soft, low in sugar and catered to the Asian palate,” she explains.

Mayee Fong, Founder, Bob the Baker Boy

Fong adds: “As a baker, the concept of the perfect cake is always on my mind. Cake layers must be flavourful, soft and moist—almost cotton-like, accompanied by a filling which is light, addictive yet not too sweet. Going into the kitchen to R&D each and every day is very fulfilling for me.”

With Bob the Baker Boy, you can definitely have your cake and eat it too. Just check out some of the shop’s top offerings and highlights.

Enjoy bespoke cake designs

Those with a specific cake design in mind should opt for Bob the Baker Boy’s custom cake services. Simply offer reference pictures, select your flavour, indicate your message on the cake and allow Fong and her expert team of bakers to get started on your dream dessert. Need some inspiration for Mother’s Day? What about Father’s Day? Just check out some of the wackiest and most creative cake designs ever made by Bob the Baker Boy here.

Opt for Korean bento cakes

All the rage these days, Korean bento cakes have completely captured the hearts of dessert lovers worldwide thanks to their adorable packaging and minimalist designs. Serving one to two pax, Bob the Baker Boy’s gorgeous bento cakes range from the Solid Rainbow Korean Bento Cake to the Annyeong Cute Korean Bento Cake. You can even profess your love for oppa with their I Love You Cute Korean Bento Cake.

Pick a surprise

Throwing an intimate gender reveal party? Let Bob the Baker Boy do all the heavy lifting for you. Simply get your doctor to email the cake store the gender of your baby (at least a week before the celebration), and the bakery will surprise you with an inconspicuous-looking cake that cuts open to reveal the gender of your precious one. You know the drill: blue for boy, pink for girl!

Drinkable cakes and money-pulling cakes are also in the mix. Yes, cakes which you can sip by inserting a straw, or others which store cold, hard cash.

But don’t worry, no matter the design, Bob the Baker Boy will ensure no compromise on quality with cakes which are lower in sugar, softer, and tastier.

Try some signature bakes

From classic chocolate fudge cakes to locally-inspired flavours like the Ondeh Ondeh, Bob the Baker Boy has got it all. The signature recipes provide customers with an insight into their offerings, without being limiting as dozens of options await. The Black Velvet Cake with Cream Cheese will delight folks of all ages; while the Brown Sugar Chantilly Boba Milk Cake is bound to excite the young-at-heart.

Bob the Baker Boy, 369 Sembawang Road, #01-03. Tel: 9499 4015. E:
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