A New Dining Concept at Mad About Sucre

Priyanka Elhence


Since its September re-opening, the multi-award-winning restaurant, patisserie and chocolaterie has relaunched with a new ethos revolving around a healthy lifestyle and clean eating.

“If it’s good for our families and loved ones, it’s good for our guests” has been the long-standing vision at Mad About Sucre, one that has guided the restaurant’s operations and how they deliver unique experiences to its customers. With its re-opening a few months ago, diners can expect a homely dining experience filled with natural goodness, as the team stays true to their promise of only using natural ingredients and organic flours, with no preservatives, pre-mixes and artificial ingredients.

Grilled Cauliflower, Miso, Almond, Gherkins Salsa

Says co-founder and self-taught chef, Eric Chan, “In our last 5 years of operation, we’ve had the pleasure of forming close bonds with many of our customers, watching them grow along with us, and this revamp has largely been influenced by the conversations we’ve had in this space. We’ve always wanted this to be a go-to place for our customers, where they feel welcomed and at home. Looking at the future of dining, we believe that the `caste of dining’ will be broken down, and our revamp symbolises the breaking down of the boundaries in fine-dining, premium dining, mass dining and all forms of pigeon-hole terms given to various classes of dining. In the future, we foresee that more restaurants will back up the notion of customers enjoying excellent food while in their most comfortable state with little or no regard to the traditional classification of dining.

Wild-caught Barramundi, Miso, Garlic, Spices

With Chan’s newly curated menu, diners can expect seasonal flavours with a twist such as its 8-hour classic oxtail stew simmered in Burgundy red wine, its wild-caught barramundi coupled with miso, garlic and spices and its French foie gras pasta, along with their long-standing favourite 4-hour tomato stew with crabmeat.

4-hour Stew of Tomatoes, with Handpicked Crabmeat

“Looking at the type of food we serve, we’ve always wanted to be a global force in championing a lifestyle of clean eating without compromising on flavours. Clean eating is something we hold close to our heart, and we want each customer who walks out of our doors to know that they can eat uncomplicated, good, delicious, natural food. We’ve been operating for five years now in Singapore, and have plans underway to expand the brand locally through another dining concept and also to expand internationally,” says Chan.

Also known for their pastries, cakes and chocolates, Mad About Sucre also offers a whole new dessert menu specially curated by chef & co-founder Lena Chan, often lauded as one of the country’s best confection queens and best bespoke wedding cake designers.

Juane with Lemon, Lime, Rum

To complement its revamped food and dessert menu, the restaurant has undergone a complete overhaul. Stepping into the space, customers are first greeted with a bright and cheery orange room where their pastries, cakes and chocolates steal the show, before entering the main dining room with darker colours complimented by Monet-inspired print chairs. Translated in its design, the interior is decked out with 11 colours of the spectrum, representative of the myriads of moods, auras and experiences shared with the team.

Mad About Sucre interiors





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