Enjoy a Guilt-Free, Sinless Christmas with Seriously Keto

Priyanka Elhence

September 2019 saw owner Janti Brasali open Seriously Keto, Singapore’s first and only fully ketogenic hub, a one-stop shop for keto raw materials and other ready-to-eat keto products for health-conscious individuals on a keto-lifestyle.

Christmas Cakes

We caught up with Brasal to ask her about her passion:

What inspired you to open Seriously Keto?

“Seriously Keto started out as a passion project that began as a home bakery in Jakarta. I was creating keto dishes and desserts for myself and would share some with my close friends and family who encouraged me to make a business out of it. I decided to open a store in Singapore due to the market demand and health-conscious nature of the local people who are in pursuit of a healthier lifestyle,” shares Brasali.

Are you on a keto lifestyle? If so, why?

“Yes, I have been a Ketonian for almost five years now. It started out simply as a means to lose weight, but once I found out how effective and sustainable it is, I decided to continue it as a lifestyle. I am someone who has been yo-yo dieting for my entire adult life, and before keto, I was never able to maintain the weight that I lost. So once I discovered something that worked, I was happy to adopt it as a lifestyle.”

“What are some common myths about a keto diet that people don’t realise?

One of the biggest misconceptions about keto is that it’s bad for your health because it raises cholesterol levels. What people don’t realise is cholesterol is not bad on its own and is only dangerous when it’s mixed with sugar, and that’s when you become at risk for diabetes and heart disease. When you’re on keto, you consume virtually no sugar, and therefore cholesterol is not harmful.”

What awareness message are you hoping to spread by being a keto ambassador?

“Something I have recently learned during my journey as a Ketonian is how to fully enjoy my life. Since food is such a big part of it, I was always torn between indulging during delicious meals and trying to maintain my waistline. With keto, I’ve been able to do both! I never deprive my cravings, instead I would find suitable replacements that are keto-compliant, and I’ve actually been able to maintain my weight. Additionally, I have gotten excellent feedback from my doctors about my bloodwork and my health has never been better.”

Certainly sounds like an easy and delicious way to prevent insulin spikes and satisfy your cravings with her carefully crafted bakes that won’t throw your diet into disarray. Back-by-popular-demand this year are the annual ginger-spiced Jingle Snaps ($8.00 for 8pcs), and the mini Sinless Cinnamon logs ($8.00 for 3pcs), with the familiar cinnamon, clove and nutmeg scents of Christmas.

Cake Bundle

Also available for a limited time only is the Seriously Keto three-tiered Christmas Cake ($68), available in three all-time favourite flavours. Choose from the rich and decadent Chocolate Brownie with signature chocolate frosting; Peanut Butter that packs a natural salty-sweet punch; and Red Velvet decorated with raspberries and cream cheese frosting.

Red Velvet Cupcakes

For this festive season, you can also choose from either of the specially curated two gift boxes for fuss-free gifting. Merry Gift Box ($98 for three packs of Jingle Snaps, two packs of Sinless Cinnamon and one Christmas Cake); or the Jolly Gift Box ($58 for three packs of Jingle Snaps, two packs of Sinless Cinnamon and four assorted Christmas Cupcakes).


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