Where to Find the Best Night Market in Nusa Dua

Eve Tedja


Now you can eat, shop, and watch dance performances in one sitting when you visit the revamped Pasar Senggol night market at Grand Hyatt Bali, Nusa Dua.

There’s hardly a better way to get to know a culture than through its food. Pasar Senggol or local night markets selling everything from housewares to food, derives its name from the fact that its visitors tend to senggol or bumping into each other. The iconic Pasar Senggol at Grand Hyatt Bali in Nusa Dua offers a vibrant Balinese market-style dining experience with front-row access to the island’s cultural performances.

Pasar Senggol Grand Hyatt Bali
Discover Indonesian regional cuisine in one sitting at Pasar Senggol, Grand Hyatt Bali

Available every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 6pm to 9pm, Pasar Senggol at Grand Hyatt Bali is set at the resort’s al fresco amphitheatre. Surrounded by swaying palm trees and twinkling hanging lamps, there are different stalls where various Indonesian regional fare is cooked à la minute. Tables are set around the stage, giving guests good vantage points to witness the dancers’ delicate movements and expressive facial expressions.

Pasar Senggol Grand Hyatt Bali, Where to Find the Best Night Market in Nusa Dua
Panyembrana, a Balinese welcome dance is performed during Pasar Senggol, a night market in Nusa Dua

Traditional wooden carts serving martabak, suckling pig, and five types of grilled sate are placed around the amphitheatre. Open-kitchens and their chefs are busy churning out grilled lobster, nasi goreng, and gado-gado made from freshly-ground peanut sauce. The evening officially begins with a performance of Panyembrama welcome dance.

Guests are invited to taste traditional bebek timbungan (bamboo-grilled duck), slow-cooked rendang sapi, and many other delectable dishes that stimulate the senses. It is rare and delightful to be able to taste different Indonesian regional dishes in one sitting.

Pasar Senggol Grand Hyatt Bali, Where to Find the Best Night Market in Nusa Dua
Have a memorable night market experience in Nusa Dua, Bali

In between dishes, guests would find Cendrawasih and Kecak dances are dramatically performed by talented artists from local communities at the stage. Two modern fire dance performances are guaranteed to take one’s breath away with their bravado and flair for playing with fire.

Pasar Senggol Grand Hyatt Bali, Where to Find the Best Night Market in Nusa Dua
Don’t try this at home: a fire dance spectacle at Pasar Senggol, Nusa Dua

Enhance the evening with a serving of chilled beers or cocktails made from artisanal arak from Iwak Arumery. Save some room for desserts such as pisang goreng and es campur (a cold bowl made of fruits, coconuts, tapioca pearls, grass jellies and topped with shaved ice, syrup, and condensed milk).

On the way out, check out the market stalls where local artisans sell their handmade arts and crafts. From colourful kites to paintings, find something to take home and remember the evening spent at Pasar Senggol at Grand Hyatt Bali.

The Pasar Senggol at Grand Hyatt Bali is priced at Rp825,000++ per person. Reservations are recommended. For bookings, WhatsApp +62 85 5390 3658 or email balgh-dining.reservation@hyatt.com





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