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Grilled red pepper wrapped with Mahón cheese

epicure 4 November 2014
Type of Meal
Vegetarian-friendly Yes

Taking its name from the Spanish island of Minorca, Mahon cheese is a soft to hard white cheese produced from cow’s milk, and its rind goes perfectly with oil or paprika. Here, the peppers are marinated in garlic-olive oil for a richer Mediterranean-inspired flavour. Serve this as an antipasto platter.

Serves 2 Prep time 5 minutes
Cook time 15 minutes

4 red peppers
1 tbsp olive oil
Pinch rock salt and pepper
120g Mahon cheese, available from Greengrocer, cut into 1.5cm by 7cm long strips

garlic-olive oil marinade
3 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp small baby garlic, peeled and halved
pinch rock salt
pinch red peppercorn
pinch sweet Spanish paprika powder

10g sweet parsley leaf

  • Lightly oil and season the red peppers with salt and pepper. 
  • Heat up the stove, then place red peppers over the stove, charring the red peppers until they turn black.
  • Place the charred red pepper into a metal whisking bowl. Cover the bowl with cling film and let the charred red pepper sit in the bowl for 5 minutes.
  • When the red peppers have cooled down, take them out of the bowl and lightly peel off its charred black skin.
  • Cut the skinless red peppers into bite-size pieces.
  • Heat up a non-stick pan with olive oil to low heat and lightly fry the garlic until soft and fragrant. Set it aside to cool down.
  • Cover the strips of Mahon cheese with the bite-sized red peppers and place them onto a baking tray.
  • Glaze the red pepper covered Mahon cheese with the garlic infused olive oil, and season them with rock salt, red peppercorn and paprika powder .
  • Bake the tray in a preheat oven of 185°C for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Serve the baked cheese with a sprinkle of sweet parsley leaf.

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