Marriott Indonesia teamed up with Sungai Watch for The Big Clean Up in North Bali

Dimas Ponco


United by a strong partnership, Marriott Business Council Indonesia and Sungai Watch tackle the pressing challenge of plastic waste in North Bali.

On 15 March, Marriott International again showed its profound commitment to the environment and sustainability through The Big Clean Up project alongside Sungai Watch, Bali NextGen Business Council, and the local community. As the representative, Marriott Business Council Indonesia worked hand in hand with the conservation-minded communities for a plastic waste cleanup initiative at Baturiti, Tabanan, North Bali area.

marriott sungai watch
The Big Clean Up project at Baturiti was joined by representatives of Marriott Internationals hotels and resorts in Bali

Over 110 volunteers joined forces in a valiant effort to rid one of Bali’s most polluted forests of its plastic scourge. Their tireless effort resulted in a staggering 8 tons of plastic being confiscated, which might have become a potential source of pollution for the nearby Beratan Lake.

This concerning amount of plastic waste underlines the critical need for further cleanup initiatives, ensuring the island’s ecological marvel remains unsullied. However, the success of this endeavour also shines a light on the transformative power of collective action when it comes to waste removal.

marriott sungai watch
Representatives from various organisations joined forces to clean the forest in Baturiti

Martin Ehlers, general manager of Renaissance Bali Uluwatu and chairman of Marriott Business Council Indonesia, shows a nod of agreement on teaming up for the waste cleanup project.

“Today’s cleanup exemplifies Marriott International’s Serve360 commitment to bring positive impact to the community where we do our business through sustainability initiatives and collaboration with Sungai Watch. Together, we are working towards a cleaner, healthier environment for all.”

marriott sungai watch, Marriott Indonesia teamed up with Sungai Watch for The Big Clean Up in North Bali
The local community took part in The Big Clean Up project

The project was part of many initiatives under the longstanding partnership between Marriott Business Council Bali and Sungai Watch. This luxury hospitality brand has a strong track record of supporting the community by sponsoring Sungai Watch’s impactful initiatives. These include the landmark construction of the first Waste Sorting Facility in Singaraja and the installation of 15 river barriers across North Bali. By supporting these operations, Marriott International has helped to remove around 26,5 tons of plastic waste from the rivers.

marriott sungai watch, Marriott Indonesia teamed up with Sungai Watch for The Big Clean Up in North Bali
The project successfully discarded 8 tons of plastic waste from the forest

“Sungai Watch is thrilled to be working with Marriott International in our ongoing mission to clean Indonesia’s rivers and prevent plastic pollution from reaching our oceans. Our collaboration has already yielded remarkable results in North Bail and this cleanup in Baturiti is yet another successful action with the removal of 8 tons of waste from the region. We look forward to the ongoing impact we are making with Marriott International in Indonesia,” stated Sam Bencheghib, co-founder of Sungai Watch.

marriott sungai watch, Marriott Indonesia teamed up with Sungai Watch for The Big Clean Up in North Bali
Over 110 participants volunteered to join the project

Driven by their dedication to sustainability, as outlined in their 2025 goals and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, Marriott Business Council Indonesia remains committed to environmental responsibility. They are extending support for Sungai Watch’s Singaraja facility for another year, alongside plans to open a second facility in Bekasi, West Java, by Q4 2024. Funding will be sourced through fundraising efforts such as Marriott Charity Golf Indonesia in June and July 2024 and Road to Give Indonesia 2024 later this year.

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