Belgium, The Pork Specialist In Europe



Belgium, known for its culinary expertise, is a pork specialist in Europe. Renowned for dishes like crispy Belgian bacon, succulent pork sausages, and delectable ham, Belgian cuisine celebrates the flavorful versatility of pork. Whether it’s in traditional stews or as the star of a gourmet meal, pork holds a special place in Belgian gastronomy.

, Belgium, The Pork Specialist In Europe


Exceptional Quality and High Yield

In Belgium, the Landrace breed of pigs holds a special place in the pork sector. Renowned for its exceptional quality and distinct characteristics, Belgium Landrace stands out among pork enthusiasts and professionals alike.

Belgium not only serves 60 countries with pork supplies, but also commands a strong reputation for the services offered throughout the world and for being an ideal location in the heart of Europe— key to its success.

A robust network of small- and medium-sized enterprises, often genuine family businesses, have specialisation in the production of pork over generations. From breeder, butcher to exporter, all of them are regarded as true specialists, worldwide. They are experts who know their customers and offer customised services.

, Belgium, The Pork Specialist In Europe

Belgian meat suppliers are considered specialists in the export of pork, offering highest quality product and tailormade solutions for flexibility and efficiency of food players.

Through specialisation, customised services and pioneering work in feed and food safety, Belgian meat suppliers have gained a stable position in the trade market.

Belgians love to eat and drink and are known for their Burgundian lifestyle. Good food begins with a good product, which has been well understood by the Belgian pork suppliers.

Let’s start our story at the very basis, namely the pillars of the Belgian meat production

, Belgium, The Pork Specialist In Europe


Belgian meat owes its unique position to the people who make up the profession. From breeder, butcher to exporter – all of them are regarded worldwide as true specialists.

They are experts who know their customers and who offer customised services. Even though these customers live thousands of kilometres away in all corners of the world.

Belgian pork is more than just meat. It is the result of a long tradition of excellence, craftsmanship and innovation. Belgian pork producers are committed to delivering high-quality products that meet the highest standards of traceability, food safety and service levels. They are proud to share their passion and expertise with the world, and to showcase their products at the Food & Hotel Asia (FHA) exhibition in Singapore in April 2024.


Visiting FHA between 23 and 26 April 2024? Get inspired by the craftsmanship of the Belgian meat suppliers!

If you are a professional in the food and hospitality industry, don’t miss this opportunity to discover the art of pork from Belgium. Visit the Belgian meat suppliers at FHA 2024. You will be amazed by the variety, quality and versatility of Belgian pork products, and by the passion and professionalism of the people behind them.

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