Mad Cow Wine & Grill is where you can find premium steaks in Bandung

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Experience an extraordinary dining experience with premium steaks, cocktails and wine at Mad Cow Wine & Grill in Bandung.

Nothing is better than savouring a serving of New York-style grill while basking in the city light view of Bandung from above. That is what Mad Cow Wine & Grill offers for those who desire to enjoy Paris van Java in a new light.

Bandung has long been a popular destination for travellers because of its cooler temperature and proximity to Jakarta. Its array of food offerings has made it one of the most favourite destinations for foodies and it now includes Mad Cow Wine & Grill.

mad cow wine & grill bandung
The bar of Mad Cow Wine & Grill

Located on the 17th floor of Pullman Bandung Grand Central, the steakhouse and bar boast a modish yet vintage feel through the furnishings. Deriving the inspiration from the 1920s era, Moulin Rouge, and Bandung Train Station, dining at Mad Cow Wine & Grill is like stepping back in time.

Adopting the open-kitchen concept helps the steakhouse to theatrically display how the meats are processed in the Josper oven, warranting a premium quality and smoky flavour, right from the kitchen to the table.

mad cow wine & grill bandung, Mad Cow Wine & Grill is where you can find premium steaks in Bandung
Tomahawk Ribeye 1.500gr served at Mad Cow Wine & Grill

The ‘paddock-to-plate’ principle that the bistro follows allows the diners to taste a fresh and prime cut of meat in its excellent shape. Be it char-grilled, satay-styled, slow-cooked, or cooked in an open flame, the steak stays juicy, tender and rich. The steakhouse also champions grain-fed beef, which enhances the meat’s flavour and texture.

If you ask for the star of the menu, it would be the chef’s specials which include Maddie’s Surf & Turf with tenderloin, wagyu, bamboo lobster, and Maddie’s Beef Burger. The chef also incorporates local spices into its menu, boasting Betutu, Rendang, and Semur-style grilled meats.

mad cow tenderloin
A serving of Tenderloin 250gr Aus Wagyu Grain-Fed, Mad Cow Wine & Grill

Pair the dishes with wine, and you are invited to select from more than fifty labels of wine in the cellar. From red to white wine, whisk the night away with delicious sips. Additionally, a crafted tapas menu is available to ignite your taste buds before dinner, along with the aperitif of your choice.

mad cow wine & grill bandung
Maddie’s Paddock at Mad Cow Wine & Grill

Up the ante for a more intimate dining experience as the modishly designed restaurant is also prepared to house private dinners with your loved ones at its two Maddie’s Paddocks. Up to twenty persons will enjoy an uninterrupted moment in style while savouring the restaurant’s specials. Diners are encouraged to book in advance.

Mad Cow Wine & Grill is as homey and elegant as it is festive. Prolong the evening by visiting the adjoining Akasa 360 Rooftop Bar. The restaurant opens daily from 6pm – 10.30pm, while Maddie’s Bar opens daily from 4pm – 10.30pm. Come and relish one of the best-in-town food and wine pairing experiences.

For more information and reservations, please WhatsApp +62 812 2232 3830 or visit here





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