Sip on Bali-Inspired Signature Cocktails at Cabana Lounge, Alila Ubud

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Signature cocktails at Cabana Lounge, Alila Ubud, reimagines classic spirits with a Balinese twist, celebrating the island's flavours in every sip.

While some of the island’s popular bars offer a modern touch to its spirits, this one place in Ubud offers an array of refreshments with local flair. Cabana Lounge at Alila Ubud is one of the must-visit places in Ubud, especially for those who seek to explore the flavour of classic cocktails that use local spirits in its signature cocktails. With a deep appreciation for the locale, find the essence of Bali through the timeless beverages crafted by the resort’s professional mixologists.

Alila Ubud Cabana Lounge Signature Cocktails
Cabana Lounge at night

An exquisite cocktail and a beautiful view are a classic pairing, but a handcrafted drink that reflects the serenity of your surroundings takes it to a whole new level. To warrant a total immersion and authenticity, the signature cocktails at Cabana Lounge are crafted with locally sourced ingredients, with some being grown at the gardens within Alila Ubud. Each drink is a testament to the amalgamation of local produce and classic favourites.

Every element, from the vibrant tang of freshly squeezed citrus to the delicate sweetness of Balinese spices, is selected to elevate the flavours and create an exceptional lineup of signature concoctions. The Frozen Basil Madu is a vibrant sour concoction where kemangi (local lemon basil) blends with Arak, muddled blossom honey, and a squeeze of lime. For a sweeter choice, the Star Fruit Sangria offers a delightful mix of white wine, star fruit, and a hint of gin, balanced with lime and fresh ginger.

cabana lounge alila ubud signature cocktails, Sip on Bali-Inspired Signature Cocktails at Cabana Lounge, Alila Ubud
The signature cocktails is infused with ingredients that are uniquely Ubud

Indulge in the lighter and sweeter sips of Hibiscus Petal, featuring hibiscus-infused vodka, muddled mint, a touch of lime, and a whisper of simple syrup. Those with a daring taste can opt for the Bali Saz-Arak, a smoky and strong concoction starring Bumbung— local Balinese whisky, fragrant rosemary, and the unique notes of kemangi.

For a taste of pure Bali, Loloh Bali is what you should order. This herbaceous creation combines gin with kemangi, mint, turmeric, rosemary, lemongrass, and a touch of lime. Something creamy and sweet can be found in Rumble in the Jungle, where lemongrass-infused rum meets creamy coconut liquor and tangy pineapple, with a touch of lime juice, Balinese homemade syrup, and a whisper of spice from kefir leaves and chilli.

cabana lounge alila ubud signature cocktails, Sip on Bali-Inspired Signature Cocktails at Cabana Lounge, Alila Ubud
Sip on cocktails that capture Bali’s essence

If you prefer your cocktail with a kick, ask for The Rujak, a light and spicy number featuring chilli-infused vodka, lemongrass, passion fruit, and tamarind syrup, all balanced by refreshing cucumber, mango, and kaffir lime. Another spicy option is The Angry Ubudian, featuring chilli-infused vodka, fresh mango, mango syrup, lime juice, and a touch of soda water for a perfect poolside pick-me-up.

Finally, a classic with a twist is the Tangerine & Clove Margarita. Find a delightful blend of sweet and sour where clove-infused tequila mingles with juicy tangerine, a squeeze of lime, Cointreau, and a touch of blossom honey.

Alila Ubud Cabana Lounge Signature Cocktails
The resort’s mixologists will lead you on a cocktail creation journey

For those curious about the magic behind the bar, Cabana Lounge also offers an interactive mixology class. Led by the resort’s skilled mixologists, participants will not only take home new cocktail-making techniques, but also a newfound appreciation for the craft and Balinese vibrant spirit.

cabana lounge alila ubud signature cocktails, Sip on Bali-Inspired Signature Cocktails at Cabana Lounge, Alila Ubud
Alila Ubud is secluded within the verdant embrace of Ubud’s rainforest

Whether as a relaxing sundowner or a nightcap tipple, the signature cocktails at Cabana Lounge promise to elevate your Alila Ubud experience.

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