A Fine Dining Experience in Seminyak at KU DE TA

Eve Tedja


Helmed by executive chef Jeremy Hunt, dinner at KU DE TA is a memorable gastronomic affair that one must not miss in Seminyak.

Twenty-four years have passed since KU DE TA opened its gates in Seminyak neighbourhood. The iconic sunset destination enchanted both the island’s visitors and residents alike with its open-plan restaurant, sexy plunge pool, chillout soundtrack, chic daybeds, and access to the best seat to watch sunsets in Seminyak.

KU DE TA Seminyak, A Fine Dining Experience in Seminyak at KU DE TA
KU DE TA remains to be one of the best venues to watch the sunsets

Epic parties, memorable dining collaborations, and countless memories have been made on this beachfront embodiment of the perfect island life. With a Watermelon Mint Martini in hand, time turns slower and gentler under the warm sun. By now, KU DE TA has perfected its art of dining and drinking.

KU DE TA Seminyak, A Fine Dining Experience in Seminyak at KU DE TA
The palm-fringed Palm Deck at KU DE TA is perfect for dinners or private events

Dinner with a view at KU DE TA’s Palm Deck

Led by executive chef Jeremy Hunt, the globally-inspired cuisine proudly features bold honest flavours and thoughtful presentation. With over eighty kitchen staff including full-time butchers, bakers, and pastry chefs under his leadership, Hunt’s devotion to using farm-to-table, seasonal, and artisanal ingredients is made possible.

While lunch is a casual affair, Hunt’s exquisite touch truly shines in the dinner menu. After all, things tend to get more exciting after dark. One is invited to prolong the visit with a dinner to remember at KU DE TA’s Palm Deck.

KU DE TA Seminyak, A Fine Dining Experience in Seminyak at KU DE TA
Fire-Roasted Octopus a la KU DE TA

The menu by executive chef Jeremy Hunt 

“Ingredients should be respected and not masked, but rather enhanced by thoughtful pairings,” states the chef. Having grown up on a dairy and cattle farm renowned for its artisan cheese and free-range beef, the South African native’s appreciation for nature and farm-to-table traditions influence his cooking philosophy.

With that ethos in mind, he came up with stellar dishes that go exceptionally well with KU DE TA’s handcrafted cocktails or wine collection from the cellar. To snack, there is the Chorizo Seco in Cabernet, a flavourful red wine-glazed spicy chorizo with caramelised shallots best enjoyed slathered on toasted house-baked ciabatta; as well as the artisanal 10-week house-hung Heritage Pancetta and house-made Angus Bresaola served with pickled zucchini and wagyu anchovy butter.

KU DE TA Seminyak, A Fine Dining Experience in Seminyak at KU DE TA
A sip of Balian natural mineral water in between bites is perfect to cleanse one’s palate.

Starters include Miso Butterscotch Quail, Baked Gorgonzola Cheesecake, and the vibrant Red Seafood Chowder. There is a wide selection of wood-fired steak, featuring excellent Australian Black Angus and Kagoshima Pureblood Wagyu. Whether one is a fan of ribeye or 21-day dry-aged picanha, there are plenty of options to delight a meat lover.

KU DE TA Seminyak, A Fine Dining Experience in Seminyak at KU DE TA
Miso Black Cod, one of the signature dishes at KU DE TA

For the mains, highlights are Black Miso Cod and Free Range Pork Chop. End the dinner on a sweet note with Apple and Strawberry Crumble Tart. With the sound of the ocean and the gentle breezes as inseparable parts of the dinner experience, it is not a mystery why KU DE TA remains a beloved destination in Seminyak.

Learn more about KU DE TA on their website, kudeta.com 





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