Exploring Art and History: Hotel Indonesia Kempinski’s Gilang Gemilang Celebration



Embrace Indonesia’s historical heritage with “Gilang Gemilang: A Celebration of Art and Culture” to commemorate Hotel Indonesia Kempinski’s 61st birthday.

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta commemorates its 61st anniversary with “Gilang Gemilang: A Celebration of Art and Culture.” Following the success of the previous Wondrous 60th Anniversary festivities, the Gilang Gemilang Celebration, from 8 to 31 August 2023, offers a diverse range of cultural and artistic encounters.

"Colours of the Nusantara" Exhibition
“Colours of the Nusantara” Exhibition

At the core of this celebration lies the “Colours of the Nusantara” exhibition, a collaborative effort with the Jakarta Museum Partners Foundation. This exhibit showcases 20 Indonesian textiles from the Textile Museum, alongside 26 paintings and sketches contributed by various Indonesian artists. The exhibition’s purpose is to deepen appreciation for Indonesia’s historical treasures and its rich array of values, embodying the nation’s ethos of pluralism and tolerance. This homage to cultural heritage is open to the public until 31 August and is hosted in the Main Lobby of the hotel.

Veronica Tan, the chairwoman of the Jakarta Museum Partners Foundation, highlights the powerful synergy between the foundation, DKI Jakarta’s Department of Culture, and Hotel Indonesia Kempinski. Through these exhibitions, the collaborations weave Indonesia’s historical tapestry, introducing a narrative that nurtures a profound connection with the country’s essence.

The “Colours of the Archipelago” Museum Exhibition orchestrates a symphony of diverse collections, uniting artistic expressions that encapsulate Indonesia’s soul. Hotel Indonesia’s partnership with Jakarta’s museums acts as a harmonious bridge, allowing this cultural heritage to flourish and be appreciated.

Ayam Taliwang at Paulaner
Ayam Taliwang at Paulaner Restaurant

Meanwhile, “Aroma” invites guests to relish the flavours of Nusantara. A dedicated pavilion at Signatures Restaurant welcomes patrons to indulge in President Soekarno’s beloved dishes, complemented by an international culinary delights. The Bavaria Paulaner Restaurant joins the celebration with an Indonesian Platter, presenting Ayam Taliwang, Bali-seasoned Pork Satay, Plecing Kangkung, fragrant rice, and crackers.

The apex of this festive affair is “Pentas,” a musical symphony showcasing Indonesia’s vibrant soundscape. This extravaganza encompasses Traditional Dances, the lively Jember Fashion Carnival, the evocative Angklung melodies of Saung Mang Udjo, and the enchanting tunes of White Shoes & the Couples Company. The symphony crescendos further with a charitable auction by the Jakarta Museum Partners Foundation and performance by the renowned Andien. This collaboration is bolstered by the support of entities such as BCA, Iforte, Royal Caribbean, and more, creating an unforgettable mosaic of joy for all participants.

Nusantara Hightea
Nusantara High Tea

In the words of Harald Fitzek, general manager of Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta, this Gilang Gemilang Celebration encapsulates not only an anniversary but a legacy of magnificence. “Gilang Gemilang” stands as a radiant testament to the hotel’s commitment to providing exceptional experiences by seamlessly blending artistry and heritage.

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