Best strawberry shortcakes in Singapore



It's hard not to love strawberry shortcakes. Here are our top picks for the most delectable creations in Singapore

Strawberry shortcakes have gone through quite an evolution over the years: once distinctly characterised by its mix of shortbread, cream, and strawberries, sponge variations with whipped cream toppings have grown common. Often lighter and airier than their denser fruit cake cousins, strawberry shortcakes perfectly capture any celebratory mood with their cheery colours. To those who love strawberry shortcakes, here are our top picks to add some joy to your celebrations.

best strawberry shortcake singapore, best strawberry shortcakes in singapore, vanilla sponge cake
Photo: Heather Barnes/Unsplash


best strawberry shortcake singapore, Best strawberry shortcakes in SingaporeChock Full of Beans’ strawberry shortcake is light and fluffy, yet doesn’t crumble upon first bite. The whimsical presentation – the cake was served on a plate with an image of a cat drawn using chocolate sauce – certainly helped pique our interest. While the cake could do with more strawberries, its moist-but-not-soggy sponge packs such good flavours that we’re happy to do without embellishments. #01-2090, 4 Changi Village Road. Tel: 6214 8839. 


PÂTISSERIE GLACÉ strawberry shortcake pillowy sponge cake, fresh strawberries, fresh cream, japanese cakes, fresh fruitsYou won’t go wrong with this Japanese pâtisserie’s sweets. The baker’s delicate touch is evident in the whipped cream and sponge; the cake itself is dainty, neat and crammed with strawberries. Unadulterated by glaze or gelatine, the crimson fruit atop the cake is lightly dusted with icing sugar, retaining its fresh and slightly tart character. Various outlets, including #01-31/32 Icon Village, 12 Gopeng Street. Tel: 6400 0247

PANTLERbest strawberry shortcake singapore, Best strawberry shortcakes in Singapore

Comprising two layers of fluffy sponge and three layers of cream, Pantler’s strawberry shortcakes boast a terrific structure. Its sponges are fluffy and brushed with strawberry syrup for added flavour. A generous layer of strawberries provided good bite in each mouthful. Fresh whipping cream by dairy company Isigny Sainte Mère, which packs a fuller flavour, helps elevate the cake. 198 Telok Ayer Street. Tel: 6221 6223


best strawberry shortcake singapore, Best strawberry shortcakes in Singapore

Less is more with Dulcet and Studio’s strawberry shortcake, which is easy to stomach even after a big meal. Made from chiffon rather than sponge cake, this rendition gets a sparing hand when it comes to the light cream frosting, which has only 30 percent butterfat content. The tartness of seasonal strawberry slivers tucked within keep things from becoming too sweet. #01-41/42 Liang Court, 177 River Valley Road. Tel: 6338 9248


best strawberry shortcake singapore, Best strawberry shortcakes in Singapore
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Flor Patisserie’s strawberry shortcake draws on the best of both French and Japanese ingredients. Airy yet moist sponge cake is made with French butter, and flour and sugar from Japan, then topped with Chantilly cream and sweet strawberries. This season, their strawberries are sourced from the U.S. and New Zealand. A thin layer of crisp pastry lends the cake a slight crunch, making for a textural mouthful. #01-01, 2 Duxton Hill. Tel: 6223 8628


PÂTISSERIE GLACÉ strawberry shortcake classic fresh strawberries creamSimply and unpretentiously presented, the appearance of The Providore’s strawberry shortcake belies its solid construction. While its layer of strawberries is sparse, the berries themselves are sweet and fresh. We were also won over by the moist, fluffy sponge, and the smooth, milky whipped cream. #02-05 Mandarin Gallery. Tel: 6732 1565

Main image (top): Leo Roze/Unsplash 





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