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Oktoberfest occurs only once a year, but there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy this German delicacy all year round. Pork knuckles are one of the most famous and delicious german foods around. The best pork knuckles you find in Singapore are usually cooked with authentic German methods. The result is a deep-fried skin, crunchy golden crisp, with the meat steeped in delectable, stewing juices. If you're looking to satisfy your crispy pork knuckle cravings, here’s the best of the lot.

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Brotzeit serves only the hind shank of their grain-fed, mostly crossbreed cattle from Belgium. Set upon a bed of potato salad, salad leaves and sauerkraut, the Schweinshaxn is massively fleshy, firm, and comes with less bone, which is expected of this cut of meat. Each mouthful is a burst of flavours, owing to a secret spice marinade from Germany, beer braised recipe and their beer brown sauce, which you have to get an additional serving of. #01-17 Raffles City Shopping Centre. Tel: 6883 1534


You would need more than a huge appetite to finish Baden’s Pork Knuckle as its huge size seems more fitting for three, and not two, diners. Instead of mashed potatoes, some really addictive potato wedges—they should have been more generous with their portion as well—are sided with the hunk of delicious meat. The raspy noise of steel tearing against crisp skin as we worked our knives across the meat drew envious stares all around. One diner even placed an order of it straight away. The tables bear faded patches, and the wooden chairs are creaky, but they all add to the charm of this dim, old-school tavern. 42 Lorong Mambong, Holland Village. Tel: 6463 8127

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Mark Bittman is right—beer can be an excellent ingredient. It’s certainly true at Sque, where hind knuckles are perfumed with bay leaf, juniper berries and Provencal herbs, simmered for an hour and a half in beer and meat stock, and basted with honey, corn flour and yes—more beer. The brew goes a long way in lending the unctuous meat a wonderful complexity and helps it attain a caramelised crisp after some time on the rotisserie. Request for the creamy wholegrain mustard sauce on the side so you can drench slivers of glistening pork after you’ve savoured its crackling skin. #01-70 The Central, 6 Eu Tong Sen Street. Tel: 6222 1887

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You might be distracted by the myriad of dishes offered at Brauhaus such as bamboo clams, seafood paella and chicken fricasse but keep your eye on the pork knuckles. Its golden carapace gives way to a layer of soft fat and firm strands of meat which are the perfect match for the 150 brands of beer stocked here. There are also different types of mustard with varying spice levels to give your dish an extra edge. #B1-13/14 United Square, 101 Thomson Road. Tel: 6250 3116


It was tough weaseling the recipe for Knusperiege Schweinhaxe from its German creators but we know one thing: the pork knuckle is scored to lap up delicious stewing juices during the basting process. Smeared with thick German mustard, this handsome cut is the ultimate guilty pleasure sided with soft whipped potatoes and tangles of sauerkraut. #01-01/02/03, 6 Upper East Coast Road. Tel: 6442 3897

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Frankly, we are not impressed by the rather tacky décor of international flags and exotic lanterns in this Thai-German beer den, but fortunately, the food redeems its ambience. The chef first massages the pork knuckle to remove the fat underneath the skin, and then deep-fries it for a tantalising crisp shell. Chilli addicts will like the fact that it comes with a sweet-sour Thai spicy sauce. #01-01B, Suntec City Convention Centre. Tel: 6243 2291


The top-selleing dish may be the Crispy Pork Knuckles but Paulaner’s Boiled Pork Knuckles is a winning, and healthier option. Don’t let its bland appearance put you off. Beyond its pinkish exterior is moist and tender flesh that is a result of two hours of slow simmer. With a hint of sweetness in the Australian meat, it stands as a good complement to the accompanying mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. 9 Raffles Boulevard, #01-01 Millenia Walk. Tel: 6883 2572





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