4 Best gelato in Singapore



It has a higher density compared to ice cream and is just what you need to indulge in to beat the humid weather. The cherry topping? A lower fat content. Here are the best joints.


Chocolato - salted caramel cheesecake gelato, best gelato singapore, best gelato in singapore, artisanal ice cream parlor

This coffee and dessert go-to joint, tucked discreetly in an unassuming corner of Square 2, makes about 14 flavours of gelato daily. The Bailey’s is our favourite: it may be filled with Irish cream but the alcohol level is beautifully balanced. For the teetotaller, the Biscottini is a safer bet but you may experience a sugar rush instead—think golden caramel cookie crumbs swirled within a cheesecake flavoured gelato. 10 Sinaran Drive, #02-68/69 Square 2. Tel: 6397 7358


Gelatissimo - ice cream flavours - chocolate sorbet, roasted pistachio gelato, strawberry cheesecake, honey gelato

Their Fico Caramellato takes the award for being one of the most unique, yet delicious flavours among the gelatarias. Diced figs are swirled in a dense, buttery-sweet cream. Unexpectedly, the caramel sweetness is not cloying and doesn’t leave you clamouring for water. Nut-lovers should try the Pistacchio for its savoury and gritty goodness. 350 Orchard Road, #01-01 Shaw House. Tel: 6736 1618


Gusttimo De Roman - interesting ice cream flavours, ice cream shops, ice cream parlours, ice cream parlour

Replicating their successful gelateria model from their hometown in Seoul, the owners of Gusttimo offer authentic Italian gelatos with a lighter touch, using recipes specially created to suit Asian tastes. Their Risonero is the premium version of pulut hitam with the toasting of black rice before it is mixed into the cream; this lends a smoky aroma that accompanies each chewy bite of the rice beads. Try the Formaggio too. You’d find a dairy-packed cream that is addictively smooth instead of a pungent cheese odour. 80 Airport Blvd, Singapore 819642 Tel: 6449 8227


Ricciotti - Soffiato - Italian Style Molten Dark Chocolate Cake, Vanilla Gelato

Serving up a comprehensive selection of original Italian delicacies on Clarke Quay’s river-front, Ricciotti is a great place for comfort fare as well as homemade gelato. The citrusy tang in the Lemon is one quick pick-me-up. But it’s the Gianduja Chocolate that steals the show. Made from milk chocolate from Piedmont, it yields a smooth blend of hazelnut paste—the silken, luscious mouthfeel with an aroma of roasted nuts is hard to beat. Skip the condiments and syrups, this flavour speaks for itself. 20 Upper Circular Road, B1-49/50 The Riverwalk. Tel: 6533 9060





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