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Roasted dutch veal loin, basil horseradish salsify and pulverised mushroom glacé

epicure 3 July 2013
Type of Meal
Vegetarian-friendly No


Serves 10 Prep time 30 minutes
Cook time 35 minutes + 2 hours baking time

roasted veal loin
2kg Dutch veal loin, trimmed and tied
150g shallots, peeled and sliced
60g garlic, peeled and sliced
8 sprigs fresh thyme
crack of black pepper to taste
sprinkle sea salt flakes
30ml olive oil
vegetable oil

• Marinate veal loin with all ingredients except vegetable oil and leave overnight.
• Heat up a pan with a little vegetable oil. Sear the veal loin on all sides until nicely browned.
• Place into a oven at 140°C for about 25 minutes until medium cooked.
• Slice into desired size.

basil horseradish salsify
15g fresh basil leaves
400g black salsify, peeled and cut
200g whipping cream
salt to taste
crack of white pepper
20g unsalted butter
45ml Morehouse horseradish sauce
freshly squeezed juice of ¼ lemon

• Blanch basil leaves in boiling water then immediately plunge into ice water.
• Squeeze off any excess water and blend in a food processor until finely puréed.
• Place all other ingredients except the lemon juice and basil purée into a pot.
• Cook at low heat until very soft.
• Blend in a food processor until it has reached a very fine consistency.
• Add in lemon juice and basil purée. Mix well.

pulverised mushroom glacé
20ml olive oil
60g shallots, peeled and sliced
250g button mushrooms, cleaned and sliced
12g black trumpet mushrooms
100ml white wine
100ml veal or beef stock
20g unsalted butter
fine salt to taste
crack of black pepper to taste
10ml black truffle oil

• Heat up a pan with olive oil and sweat shallots until soft.
• Add in mushrooms and continue to sauté over high heat.
• Deglaze with white wine and reduce to one quarter.
• Add in the veal stock and continue to reduce until almost all the stock dries up.
• Add in the butter, salt, black pepper and black truffle oil.
• Blend in a food processor until medium coarse.
• Spread the mixture evenly over a parchment paper.
• Bake in oven at 60°C for about 2-3 hours until mixture is completely dried.
• Blend it in a blender until pulverised.
• To serve, spread the basil horseradish salsify on a plate, place veal loin on top and sprinkle with sea salt to taste. Sprinkle mushroom glacé around the veal.

Tay says: “The powdery pulverised mushroom combines with the natural juices of the veal to form the ‘sauce’ of the dish.

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