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Chilled lavendar flower udon

epicure 4 July 2013
Type of Meal
Vegetarian-friendly Yes

Lavender is known to treat everything from insomnia and anxiety to digestive problems. This Japanese inspired dish pairs flora scented noodles with the nutty flavour of tahini to make an excellent appetiser.

Serves 4
Prep time 15 minutes + 3 hours proofing time
Cook time 20 minutes

lavender flower udon
3 tsp sea salt
2 cups warm water
5 cups wheat bread flour
2½ cups all-purpose flour
½ cup bread flour, for dusting
20g edible fresh lavender flower petals, minced

  • Dissolve the salt in warm water.  Whisk bread flour and all-purpose flour in a large mixer bowl using a dough hook.
  • Slowly add in the salt water into the flour mixture. Continue mixing until the water and flour is well combined and forms a ball of dough, about 5 to 7 mins.
  • Knead the dough on the board until smooth, about 10 mins.
  • Dust with bread flour, keep kneading and folding it over for 8 to 10 times. Flattened the dough, cover it with a cling film, and allow it rest in a warm place for 3 hours.
  • After 3 hours, knead the dough into a ball and roll it out into 2cm thickness.
  • Dust the top of the flattened udon dough with bread flour and then fold it into thirds or fourfold.  Cut the dough into ribbons of about 1cm to 1.5cm thickness using a long sharp chopper. If the dough gets very sticky, dust it again with extra flour to prevent the strands from sticking together.

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